What to do when you discover a dead body

What to do when you discover a dead body

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Deceased remediation

Discovering a family member or friend that has passed away unattended can be an overwhelming experience. The unattended death may be due to various reasons, including homicide, suicide, accident, or natural causes. Whatever caused the individual’s death, encountering a dead body is more than likely to be shocking for anyone.

An unattended death, specifically, describes a scene in which an individual passes away and is not found for days, weeks, or even months. Time may pass without anyone realizing the occurrence of death. People who live alone or who experience sudden health conditions, like a stroke, heart attack, are commonly susceptible to dying alone and nobody discovering the body for a long period of time. After a day or two, the body begins to decompose. The body will then begin to decompose and human decomposition begins. The smell of human decomposition is the first thing that someone will notice when they discover the unattended death.

Contact the police when you discover a person that is deceased

Contact authorities right away when you discover the body. Report the situation to the police, who will arrive at the scene right away. Even if the person has died due to natural causes, suicide, or homicide, it’s important that the medical examiner find out the exact cause of death. The local coroner’s office will confirm the cause of death in a short time. In most circumstances, the body will be transported to the coroner’s office.

Finding a local company for unattended death scene remediation

After the body has been removed and transported to the county morgue, now it’s time for cleaning services. Try to locate a local biohazard/crime scene cleanup company to remove all the bodily fluids and sanitize the room in which the deceased was found. Almost all Homeowner insurance will cover the cost of unattended death cleaning. If you need services feel free to contact us at (866) 376-4872 

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