Unattended Deaths

Unattended Deaths

An unattended death happens when an individual passes away alone and is not discovered for days or even months. In most cases, the remains of a person who dies from an unattended death are not always discovered right away. This type of death many times means a certain time frame will lapse between the death and the discovery of the deceased person’s body. The foul odor from an unattended death is extremely strong and most people can't deal with the smell of human decomposition. Human decomposition takes place when the body starts to decompose leaving a very foul odor. You have to clean and remove all blood and other dangerous bodily fluids before the odor goes away. This can take some time as all the cloth material in the home is contaminated and smells of human decomposition. You have to remove the carpet, clothing, furniture, curtains, etc. Dealing with an unattended death can be very hard in most cases. You will never forget the foul odor it leaves behind after the deceased has been removed from the property.

Call emergency responders at 911 when you discover unattended death. Contact any family or friends of the deceased as soon as you can, this will allow the family to be notified their loved one has passed on and they can begin the funeral arrangements. When 911 explains the details situation to the police, who will arrive at the scene immediately, the investigation starts and could be hours before the scene is released for crime scene cleaners to arrive.  Even if the deceased passed due to natural causes, it’s important that the detective determines the exact cause of death and to make sure it wasn't a homicide or suicide. The local coroner’s office will confirm the cause of death in a few days of finding the deceased. In most circumstances, the remains will be transported to the coroner’s office until the family decides which funeral home they want to use for burial or cremation.

Unattended Death Cleanup

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