Unattended Deaths And Human Decomposition

Unattended Deaths And Human Decomposition

Unattended Deaths And Human Decomposition

Today, the specialized career of remediating bio-hazards interests many law enforcement and health agencies. As our society grows ever more complex, the need for trained experts to fill innovative occupations has increased. Cleaning services to assist property owners in disinfecting and revitalizing locations where unattended deaths or traumatic accidents occurred falls into this category of emerging industries. This blog post briefly discusses this new and developing field.

An Unpopular Subject

While unattended deaths happen frequently in our society, the public typically shies away from contemplating this morbid, depressing topic. Yet death and dying do form an integral part of daily life. Not every terminally ill individual chooses to reside in a hospice or a hospital. Many of these patients remain at home. Some die at unpredictable times.

Seemingly healthy people also pass away unexpectedly under a variety of circumstances. Whether someone sustains a devastating household slip and fall accident, experiences a fatal heart attack, or suddenly succumbs to a stroke, the shock of losing a loved one without warning often proves devastating for survivors. Yet unless real estate owners provide (or obtain) comprehensive cleaning services in the aftermath of these events, the sites of losses may not return to a fully marketable condition. A stigma may hang over the location of an unattended death in the absence of careful bio-hazard remediation.

High Profile Forensic Issues

The popularity of TV crime shows has likely contributed to public concerns about bio-hazard issues during recent years. For example, how many times do some dramatic series like CSI or Dexter or Prodigal Son present viewers with grizzly fictional portrayals of decomposing bodies, maggots, and blood trails? While most people, thankfully, possess little contact with any of these phenomena in real life, the public in the United States does receive frequent exposure to these topics via the entertainment industry.

Companies that furnish crime scene cleanup services must prepare their personnel to address challenging work environments. Even though the vast majority of unattended deaths occur in mundane settings, our employees need to supply comprehensive cleanup assistance. We conduct cleaning after medical examiners and law enforcement agencies have finished their work. From time to time, we do find ourselves remediating bio-hazards in locations where decomposing bodies, maggots, and blood splatter have impacted the immediate area.

A Specialized Cleaning Niche

As awareness grows concerning potential physical and psychological risks posed by inadequately cleaned sites of deaths or traumas, the acceptance of the need for the services of specialized bio-hazard remediation firms also increases. Today, a growing number of federal, state, and local agencies issue-specific bio-hazard remediation directives. This field continues to develop.


























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