Unattended Deaths

Unattended Deaths

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A Specialized Type of Cleaning Service Gains Wider Acceptance

Recently, the ABC television series The Rookie reunited two cast members from the popular one season FOX sci-fi cult classic Firefly in a fictional episode set in a blood-splattered Los Angeles office. Actor Nathan Fillion portrayed an officer assigned to the lonely job of watching over a recent crime scene, while Alan Tudyk played the role of a cleaning specialist the LAPD had hired to oversee the site cleanup. The police drama drew attention to an emerging cleaning industry niche marketplace: sanitizing and revitalizing locations where law enforcement agencies (or coroners) have investigated crimes or unattended deaths.

A Focus of Public Concern

Just as law enforcement investigative and forensic techniques have grown more scientific over recent decades, the role of the cleaning firms who perform site cleanups after the discovery of human decomposition has also increased in complexity. Today, an expanding volume of documentation details potential public harm imposed by medical waste products and other bio-hazards, for instance. The ABC television series briefly alluded to specialized cleaning agents employed by cleaners who focus full-time upon revitalizing scenes marred by unattended deaths and traumatic accidents.

Not an Uncommon Dilemma

The rise of full-time biohazard cleanup companies offers assistance to many modern businesses. From time to time, a firm may discover a deceased person on its premises. Unattended deaths occur for a variety of reasons, and many happen without warning. Most companies lack the trained personnel and the cleaning resources to clean up locations thoroughly after human decomposition has commenced. Firms that specialize in this field appreciate the vital importance of performing their work discreetly. By supplying assistance to companies, government agencies, and police departments, these cleaning specialists help site owners remove the traces of deceased remains and bio-hazards quickly and comprehensively.

An Important Field

While the number of cleaning companies focused upon bio-hazard and medical waste remediation services remains limited, these firms do provide value to their customers. They fill a challenging niche within the cleaning services industry. Today, business managers (including property managers) should consider retaining this type of service in order to assure swift, capable assistance when an unexpected death occurs on the premises.

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