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One highly specialized field of cleaning today involves disinfecting properties after the occurrence of crimes or unattended deaths. Property owners usually require knowledgeable assistance to restore these locations to an attractive condition again. Once the police and the coroner have released the property, many property owners ask Casper Unattended Death Cleanup to supply discreet, knowledgeable cleaning services. Our family owned and operated company assists both commercial businesses and residential households.

The Importance of Specialized Cleaning Services

Many people pass away in hospitals while attended by physicians and medical personnel. Health care facilities maintain protocols for sanitizing the vicinity whenever these attended deaths occur. Yet often, individuals die elsewhere and a doctor does not observe the passing. These "unattended deaths" include peaceful natural deaths, accidental deaths, suicides, and homicides. A medical examiner (and often the police) investigate these locations. In some cases, undiscovered deaths come to their attention days, weeks, or even years later. Authorities may need to conduct extensive forensic tests at these sites as a result.

Most property owners find themselves wholly unprepared to clean realty returned to them by the authorities following investigations into undiscovered deaths or crime scenes. Casper Unattended Death Cleanup has invested in the training required to disinfect and clean both indoor and outdoor sites. We strive to perform our work compassionately and discreetly, with consideration for grieving people.

Assisting Property Owners

Our firm assists property owners by revitalizing and restoring locations where natural deaths, accidents, and crimes have occurred. We carefully remove chemical residues, blood, and hazardous materials to return these sites to a usable condition again. Since our company specializes in this uncommon type of cleaning, our personnel appreciate the importance of working efficiently and discreetly.

For example, although from time to time individuals do pass away from natural causes while visiting commercial locations, these events distress employees and patrons. Casper Unattended Death Cleanup understands the importance of completing the cleanup process thoroughly, yet as expeditiously as possible. We help disinfect and restore many different types of reality. Our company also furnishes assistance to crime victims who have sustained vandalism or other property damage.

Obtain Cleaning Services

Insurance policies frequently provide coverage for our services. We accept both homeowners insurance and business insurance. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our cleaning methods and company protocols. To contact us, simply call us or use the contact information on our company website.

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