Unattended Death Cleanup Vermont

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In times of need, Vermont Unattended Death Cleanup understands that being burdened with a lot of decisions to make can be difficult at this time. We offer our cleaning services as you consider making immediate arrangements, but always recommend talking with our professional remediation company to be more informed about how we can accommodate your family. Vermont Unattended Death Cleanup has been cleaning up after suicides, homicides, accidents, and unattended deaths since 2004. With that said, we are a local biohazard remediation company that can be at your location for emergency cleaning in Vermont right away.

Trauma and unattended death cleaning services involves the removal and cleaning of items that have become contaminated with bodily tissue or fluids such as feces, blood, saliva, vomit and urine.

Our knowledgeable cleaning specialists have dealt with a number of traumatic incidents including:

• Crime and trauma scene cleanup
• Road traffic accident cleanup
• Suicide / attempted suicides
• Violent crimes
• Unattended death cleanup
• Human decomposition

Unattended Death Cleaners and what they do

Crime scene cleaners as the industry calls it,  decontaminate death scenes while protecting both themselves and any evidence they find during their work with residential and commercial properties in Vermont. This is an important and challenging job requiring attention to detail, thoroughness and a high tolerance for coming into contact with potentially physically and emotionally biohazard materials. This is a very dangerous industry as we deal with contaminated blood and bodily fluids left behind from all death scenes. Once the deceased has been removed from the scene, it’s now tome to call a professional biohazard remediation company to clean, remove, and sanitize the property where the deceased was found. With unattended deaths, usually there will be a lingering decomposition odor left behind after the body has been removed. This odor will remain in the carpet, curtains, clothes, and other personal items in the home. Vermont Unattended Death Cleanup will remove all traces of blood, bodily fluids, and human decomposition odor from automobiles, businesses, and residential properties in Vermont. Feel free to call us anytime for compassionate and professional cleaning services.

Some of the cities we services in Vermont;

  • Rutland
  • Middlebury
  • Springfield
  • Hartford
  • Milton
  • Brattleboro
  • Bennington
  • Colchester
  • Essex
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene