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Unattended Death Cleanup In Nebraska

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When an unattended death occurs, the scene that follows can be quite disturbing. In most cases, there will be blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids present in the surrounding area, as well as an overwhelming human decomposition odor. Because of these factors as well as the serious threat of exposure to dangerous blood-borne pathogens, it is never a good idea to leave these cleaning jobs to ordinary housecleaning companies or carpet cleaners. Instead, turn to the experienced professionals at Nebraska Unattended Death Cleanup.

A family-owned business that has been operating since 2004, we have experience handling various types of scenes where deaths occur. From crime scenes and unattended deaths to suicides and other tragic events, we have the skills and training needed to ensure your home or other setting is properly cleaned and sanitized so that it can return to normal. Our technicians, all of whom are certified in CDC, OSHA, and EPA requirements and protocols, use a variety of specialized cleaning techniques to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Being a full-service company, we strive to make sure each of our clients is treated with the utmost respect and dignity during what is a very stressful time. Because of this, our technicians arrive at the scene in a discreet manner, making sure as little attention as possible is drawn to the scene. Once there, they act in a professional manner, giving out no information to anyone nearby who may be curious as to what is occurring. In doing so, we believe this demonstrates the compassion and respect families and others deserve in these unsettling circumstances.

Since the majority of these situations happen when they are least expected, those left behind may be wondering how to pay for what may seem like an overwhelming cleaning job. However, rather than have our clients worry about this, we make every effort to work with them in this area. Once we are called about a scene, we will gather as much information as is needed to provide a fair and accurate estimate as to the cost. Along with this, we also work with most homeowners and commercial insurance companies, helping ease the financial burden to what is already a traumatic experience.

Available 24/7, we can help families and others deal with these events whenever they occur. As a full-service biohazard remediation company, we have the capability to rid any setting of the most stubborn human decomposition odor. Therefore, should you need help with cleaning up after a suicide, homicide, or other similar event, call the experts here at Nebraska Unattended Death Cleanup. By doing so, you will gain peace of mind, knowing the job is being handled by trained and caring professionals.