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Decomposing bodies can pose a serious health risk to individuals exposed to an unattended death scene. By nature, this scene can be very disturbing, so cleaning up is a task that is best left to an experienced crime and trauma scene cleanup company. If the body wasn’t found in time and decomposition has taken place, you have to clean the scene as soon as possible to keep cross-contamination from happening. Biological waste might emanate from it and turn into a serious health hazard at the home or business in Dallas, TX. In addition, corpses produce bacteria that not only have an unpleasant smell but be a health threat as well. Human decomposition scenes are the worst to deal with.

We are a local Unattended Death Clean Up Company in Dallas, Texas

Our technicians at Dallas Unattended Death Cleanup are able to complete the detailed procedure to locate, disinfect and completely remove all traces of blood and other bodily fluids left behind from crime and suicide scenes. This includes but not limited to: human flesh, bodily fluids, blood, contaminated clothing and personal items, sharps, hypodermic needles and any other items that may pose a risk of injury or infection in your home or business. Our cleaning trucks are unmarked for the privacy of our clients in need of our emergency service. Our cleaning specialists are always on time and will start the cleaning process immediately. Unattended Death scenes are the most disastrous and difficult scenes to clean and sanitize, and that’s why it’s important to hire a  biohazard remediation company who specializes in death cleanup in Dallas, TX to handle biohazardous cleaning for your property and personal items. We are a local crime and trauma scene remediation company. We can be at your location within the hour! We accept homeowners and commercial insurance which will help with the cost of our services. Call us anytime for Fast-Friendly-Affordable service.

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