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Suicide Cleanup performs comprehensive cleaning in locations marred by tragedy. Our company offers complete cleaning services after a coroner’s office or the police have released a location back to the property owner. We assist law enforcement, government agencies, institutions, businesses, property management companies, and individual homeowners. Our skilled cleaners carefully disinfect and clean sites where suicides and unattended deaths occurred.

A Necessary Service

We have chosen to focus our cleaning skills within a very narrow niche. In fact, we specialize in this field. Our clients rely on us to carefully and attentively remove hazardous materials (including biohazards) from indoor and outdoor locations. We respond quickly to requests for our assistance.

Today, a growing body of evidence testifies to the importance of carefully cleaning and sanitizing locations where unexpected deaths occurred. Most commercial cleaning firms lack the training and the equipment required to perform this type of difficult project adequately. You can depend on us to furnish fast, courteous, discreet cleaning services. Contact us after a gunshot suicide, a drowning, a drug overdose, or any other violent incident on your real estate to obtain comprehensive assistance restoring the site to a usable condition.

Our Services

Our company empathizes with the challenges faced by property owners following a traumatic death. Whether you have lost a loved one unexpectedly in your home, or you sustained a gunshot suicide or other violent incident at your place of business, consider outsourcing the cleanup tasks to us.

We clean methodically and systematically. Our firm completes every assignment correctly, complying fully with local, state, and federal cleanup regulations concerning biohazards. Our cleaners also appreciate the need to respect your privacy during a painful time of loss and grief.

Obtaining assistance from Suicide Cleanup helps our clients avoid the trauma associated with a stressful, poorly performed cleaning process. We have ensured our employees obtain complete training in this specialized field. They wear protective gear and use recommended cleaning agents. Once the authorities return a site to your control, contact us to obtain this important service. When we complete our work, you will gain peace of mind knowing we have completely restored the site to its original condition. We ensure every property we clean can be used by the public again safely.

Why Our Work Matters

Although Suicide Cleanup undertakes a difficult type of cleaning, we derive personal satisfaction from our work because we know our efforts help improve the lives of our clients. Cleaning real estate following an unexpected loss of life at a site imposes a heavy burden upon cleaners. Most households and businesses find themselves completely unprepared for this unpleasant task.

Our team of dedicated cleaners knows how to disinfect and sanitize sites where unexpected deaths occurred. We carefully clean every impacted surface, removing potentially hazardous substances from the area safely and correctly. Our comprehensive cleaning service enables the property owners (or subsequent property owners) to resume using the site with confidence. People in the location will not discover blood splatter or other reminders of a tragic death.

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