Unattended Death Cleanup Services

Unfortunately, death does not always happen to people who are socially active and would be immediately missed if they don’t return a phone call or answer a Facebook or other social media site. Natural Deaths, more often than not, it happens to an older individual who is retired and mainly keeps to themselves or someone that lives a private life. In these cases, unexpected deaths can go unnoticed for long periods of time before it is discovered. When a body is discovered after days of not being found, it does have a very foul odor that is extremely hard to remove from the property. Unattended Death Cleanup can remove all traces of blood and bodily fluids and remove the human decomposition odor as well. Feel free to call with any questions you may have about our services.

Services provided are:

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Natural death cleanup
  • Unattended death cleanup
  • Biohazard cleanup
  • Fatality cleanup
  • Suicide cleanup
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Dead animal removal

Nothing is more certain than death!

Unattended death does happen when someone dies, and no one gets to know or witness the manner of death and has gone on for days, weeks and months. It could be a result of suicide, diseases or unfortunate natural occurrence, indoor or outdoor.



After such death has happened, decomposition of the body then kicks in minutes after blood flow has stopped and that is not environmentally friendly. The natural decay of the body is hazardous to anyone or anything around, the building, personal effects and so on. The cells of the body begin to self-destruct following the action of digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Bacteria then begins to metabolize the body organs releasing off gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen and CO2 liquefying the body tissues. The released pungent, unpleasant gases cause bloating in the body, and the pressure pushes out liquids out from the orifices. That is when you then see insects maggots appearing and feeding on the body tissues.



Cleaning up is essential to avoid further environmentally damaging waste proliferating through the environment. And it is best done by professionals who are able to remedy the situation back to an eco-friendly environment.


They have the requisite experience and technological expertise and chemicals to detect, disinfect and completely remove and dispose of all traces of bio-hazard decomposing smell and contaminated substances that can become infectious depending on the cause of death. Unattended death cleanup is a traumatic experience to be performed only by a professional to rid the odor and bacteria from a death scene.