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Dealing with an unexpected death can be devastating for a family. Adding the stress the cleanup intensifies the trauma for those left behind. In the case of undiscovered deaths not found for a long period of time the problem can be exacerbated by the advanced human decomposition which makes the job even more difficult.

In a situation like the this the family needs help with cleaning up but also needs compassion and sensitivity. Salt Lake City Unattended Death Cleanup is a family-owned business that keeps the needs of loved ones as its top priority in the event of homicide, suicide, accident or natural death cleanup scene.

The company is OSHA and EPA certified to professionally and safely clean and sanitize the death scene. Human decomposition leaves behind bodily fluids and matter that can contain dangerous contaminate and appropriate equipment and training are necessary to safely remove these from a scene. Additionally, technicians will arrive in unmarked vehicles to maintain discretion.

The last thing a grieving family needs to worry about is how to pay for the cleanup of the scene. Salt Lake City Unattended Death Cleanup will work with insurance to alleviate the financial stress that can create more of a burden after such a devastating event.

No family should have to deal with the aftermath of an unexpected death or long-term undiscovered deaths without the right partner to help them through the anguish of the cleanup. Salt Lake City Unattended Death Cleanup has the knowledge and experience to do the job right while bringing humanity to the job as well. We are a discreet company and our trucks are unmarked for your privacy.

List of services;

  • Unattended death clean up
  • Crime scene clean up
  • Fatality clean up
  • Suicide clean up
  • Human decomposition clean up
  • Blood cleanup
  • Bodily fluid clean up
  • Dead animal removal
  • Natural death clean up
  • Foul odor removal
  • Mass Shootings
  • Attempted suicides
  • Hoarding clean up

We work with;

  • Families
  • Business owners
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department
  • Funeral homes
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial sites
  • Construction sites
  • Real estate companies
  • Apartments

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