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New Orleans Unattended Death Cleanup

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Whether your home has been damaged due to an unattended death, suicide, or homicide, you need a professional biohazard remediation company to restore your home to its original condition before the incident occurred. Our fully qualified Biohazard restoration specialists will inspect, clean and restore a death scene in no time in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Contact us and our professional cleaning and restoration team will be at your door to assist right away. We will bring our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and advanced technology to efficiently rid the odor of human decomposition. and restore the property. Our company has been cleaning crime and trauma scenes since 2004. With that said, we are highly experienced to handle any death scene in New Orleans and surrounding cities. Check out our services page at Unattended Death Cleanup Services.

Ozone is a great product for removing trapped odors which are still lingering even after a death or trauma scene. Ozone removes the odor by breaking down the odor molecules, bacteria and spores that cause an unpleasant smell that can turn your stomach if exposed to the death scene.

If it isn’t an expected death, then you should call 911 as soon as you find the deceased. The emergency center will dispatch the appropriate units to the location right away. They will also ask you lots of questions about the individual and the address and phone number, age, sex, are they stiff, blue, cold in a warm environment, etc.) this will provide the information they will need as they are dispatching the emergency units. Don’t waste your time calling the non-emergency local number. That number is usually answered by the county dispatch center anyway, and then they won’t have immediate access to the same information as if you call 911 first. I hope this information helps you in case of an emergency in New Orleans. Our mobile cleaning trucks are always ready for any trauma scene cleanup 24/7.


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