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After the coroner and police services depart from the scene of an unattended death and return control of a location to the owner, property owners sometimes find themselves unprepared to address the challenges of cleaning the area. Whether someone passed away outdoors or indoors, the people responsible for sanitizing the location carry a heavy burden. In order to fully restore these sites, Biohazard cleaners benefit from specialized training. McLean Unattended Death Cleanup sends knowledgeable, experienced cleaning specialists to perform this task for businesses and private property owners.

A Discreet, Compassionate Service

In many cases, the owners of unattended death sites may not have known a deceased person; in other situations, the location carries painful memories associated with the loss of someone very close. Our family owned and operated firm assists site owners by furnishing tactful and compassionate assistance. We’ve served the residents in McLean since 2004. We know how to restore and revitalize indoor and outdoor locations discreetly following an unattended death, suicide, homicide, or crime scene.

We ensure our personnel receives thorough instruction in the recommended methods for performing this specialized type of cleaning. In some instances, forensic teams may have visited a location and used chemicals during their investigation. Rely on us to thoroughly disinfect the sites of unattended deaths. We will remove chemical residues, blood, and other materials which may pose a health and safety hazard for people in the area. We strive to work efficiently and effectively. Our cleaners maintain confidentiality about their activities.

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McLean Unattended Death Cleanup aids property owners in returning a location to a clean, usable condition again. Most unattended deaths occur peacefully or accidentally in private homes. However, these events sometimes take place on commercial premises. A business owner may require expedited cleaning services in order to avoid upsetting employees and patrons. Our company provides services at crime scene locations and at the sites of natural deaths, suicides, and homicides. We endeavor to offer fast, capable support in these difficult circumstances.

Once you receive police or coroner permission to clean the site, contact us for assistance. We provide essential cleaning services for all types of reality, including locations in which undiscovered deaths resulted in extensive decomposition. Customers rely on us to perform valuable cleaning services in these situations; sites of undiscovered deaths require careful police and forensic investigation prior to the provision of clean up services, so these locations frequently contain toxic chemical residues. (Decomposition necessitates extensive cleaning efforts to restore a location to an attractive condition again.)

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McLean Unattended Death Cleanup accepts homeowners insurance and business insurance. We seek to provide compassionate, sensitive assistance whenever we provide cleaning services.


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