Louisiana Unattended Death Cleanup Offers Specialized Cleaning Assistance

Louisiana Unattended Death Cleanup Offers Specialized Cleaning Assistance

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Louisiana Unattended Death Cleanup Offers Specialized Cleaning Assistance

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How many people do not feel empathy for a landlord in this situation? A property owner regularly obtains payments for a rental home in a mid-sized Louisiana community. Then one day, the tenant abruptly stops paying his bills. Neighbors report seeing no one moving around the locked property. When the police conduct a welfare check, they discover the elderly renter unexpectedly passed away in his sleep from natural causes several weeks previously. The site owner must ensure a comprehensive biohazard cleanup occurs. Details of the medical cause of death remain unknown to the landlord, but it proves essential to fully clean and sanitize the premises in order to return the home to the rental marketplace.

An Important Responsibility

Property owners who fail to supply comprehensive cleaning services after long undiscovered deaths occur on their realty risk losing the confidence and trust of the public. If a tenant passes away from a contagious disease, and the landlord fails to perform a careful biohazard cleanup, new occupants cannot re-utilize the premises safely in some situations. While circumstances vary, of course, some pathogens do remain in the environment for extended periods of time. Everyone gains greater peace of mind knowing a real estate owner obtained complete, thorough cleaning before making the site available for occupancy again.

Call Louisiana Unattended Death Cleanup

In the Pelican State, property owners find a valuable ally in a specialized cleaning firm. Louisiana Death Cleanup furnishes meticulous, discreet services to revitalize realty following traumatic accidents or long undiscovered deaths. Once law enforcement agencies and coroner’s departments conclude their activities at the site, we arrive to perform comprehensive cleaning services. Call us to obtain knowledgeable unattended death cleanup assistance in commercial or residential settings.

Well Qualified Cleaning Technicians in Louisiana

We work in a unique market niche. Most cleaning businesses do not specialize in the biohazard remediation field. Our firm has chosen to focus primarily upon providing this service. We ensure our personnel receives comprehensive training. We supply them with the high-quality supplies and equipment they need to perform this type of cleaning service as safely and efficiently as possible. Our locally family owned and operated business has assisted customers since 2004. In most cases, insurance firms prefer an insured to request our assistance rather than attempt a DIY cleanup. We accept both Homeowners and commercial insurance. We clean indoor and outdoor locations for our clients.

Available to Assist Customers 24/7

Most businesses seek discreet biohazard cleanup assistance. Our firm utilizes unmarked vehicles for this reason. We also adjust our schedule to meet the customer’s needs most effectively. Call us at any hour to request our assistance!

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Louisiana Unattended Death Cleanup Services

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