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When a death is discovered days or even weeks after a person passes, decomposition of the body may cause an odor that can permeate the entire property and its contents. Little Rock Unattended death Cleanup is experienced in detecting and neutralizing contaminated areas, removing blood, bodily fluids and infectious bacteria, as well as removing the risk of human decomposition contamination.

Little Rock Unattended Death Cleanup provides all biohazard death scene cleaning. The work involved is highly detailed and should be completed by an experienced team who are willing to take the time and measures to complete the job properly. There is a risk involved in dealing with blood and other bodily fluids. Blood-borne pathogens can remain active on all unattended death scenes. Hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors,  may need to be removed if blood has traveled beneath the surface. Special precautions and cleaning solutions are required to ensure the safety of the biohazard remediation specialists and residents at the home. We will provide you with a healthier, safer environment for your home or business, and prevent the spread of dangerous diseases by controlling human exposure to blood-borne pathogens and using industrial strength cleaning solutions that have been certified to kill infectious diseases and make the property safe again.

Our remediation services are covered by most insurance companies and we can work with your insurance carrier directly if needed. Feel free to call and ask any questions about our services and contact us should you require more information specific to your needs. We are available 24hrs 7 days a week in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our company trucks are unmarked for the privacy of our clients. We are compassionate and discreet! We are a local company and can give you a free estimate anytime.

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