Human decomposition and maggots in Texas

Human decomposition and maggots in Texas

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The time it takes for the deceased to decompose depends on several different factors, any of which may affect the time it takes for the body to start breaking down. Mostly, if the deceased is exposed to the summertime in Texas, the decaying process will begin right away. The most important thing to remember in decomposition is the exposure of the dead body to bacteria. In order to survive, bacteria need oxygen and are found in large concentrations in water. Therefore, if the deceased is exposed to air or water, then it will decompose right away without hesitation. Flies, maggots, and wild animals will feed on the dead body that is exposed to them, and this also quickens the decomposing process and the odor will then go away.

The part of decay is recognizable by a great loss in muscle and weight, this weight loss is caused by the feeding of maggots, and the leakage of the body’s decomposition fluids into the home, building, or automobile. The bodily fluids start to leak out of the body. Disintegration is at its peak at this stage, and the end of this stage is marked by the hundreds of maggots from the body.

Different species of houseflies and blowflies will arrive at different times after death, and there can be a lot of competition among flies for access to the dead body. Early arrivals, and flies which hatch much faster, can gain a competitive advantage, although the flesh is easier to digest after it has undergone the decomposition process.

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