Hialeah Unattended Death Cleanup

Hialeah Unattended Death Cleanup

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Some of the most dangerous claims an adjuster experiences are those concerning dead bodies, and we have had many questions regarding the remediation of unattended deaths in Hialeah , Florida. Particularly, is there coverage under the homeowner’s policy for biohazard clean up services for both the dwelling and personal property? What about commercial property in Hialeah? And what about self inflicted situations; are they excluded as intentional acts? Most insurance companies will cover unattended deaths, medical accidents, blood, suicides, homicides, and natural death clean up.

Professional Cleaning Services

When dealing with any death cleanup in Hialeah, FL or cleaning, you will want certified biohazard professionals who know how to remediate the property as soon as possible leaving no traces of blood and bodily fluids. Not only does the blood have to be cleaned and removed safely from the home or business, our cleaning specialists provide you with several options and can coordinate our efforts to ensure proper decontamination for biohazard remediation for any after death cleanup services in Hialeah, Florida.

Unattended Death Cleanup Of Hialeah recognize that family and friends often need entry to the home, often times to find important papers, personal items, but cannot do so until a professional company begins the process of getting the home cleaned and sanitized right away.

Our company works closely with our clients to explain how the remediation processes work and inform them when the home is safe to enter. We are just a phone call away!

We understand that you need time to heal during this time. Our employees are considerate, confidential, respectful and our  team will arrive in unmarked vehicles for all families and business owners. We are dedicated to helping you get through this time and decreasing the responsibilities left to you.


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Unattended Death Cleanup In Hialeah, FL

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