Fort Worth Death Cleanup | Unattended Death Cleanup

Fort Worth Death Cleanup | Unattended Death Cleanup

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There are times when our friends and loved ones will die alone and not be discovered for a few days. As sad as this situation can be, what can be more disturbing is the fact that no one may know about their family member passing on.

The foul odor you smell develops from bacteria during the decomposition process. This process involves many types of bacteria, from those bacteria present at the time of death to those bacteria that will arrive after death. As the body continues to decompose, new germs arrive to speed up the decomposition process. This natural process leads to more bacteria.

If the person is not discovered right away, the body will start to break down and blood and bodily fluids will start to leak from the body into the carpet, wood flooring, tile, walls, and concrete along with personal items. Cleaning up after blood and bodily fluids from an unattended death is not easy as many times these fluids can get into hard to reach spots and under flooring making a biohazard even worse if not cleaned correctly. This is where Fort Worth Unattended Death Cleanup can help. Our company has been cleaning up after suicides, homicides, crime scenes, hoarded properties, and unattended deaths since 2004. Since then, our company has expanded to having 5 local remediation trucks to service all of Fort Worth and the surrounding cities.

Decomposition remediation or death scene clean must be done by professionally trained biohazard technicians in order to protect current and future occupants of the property. Sometimes it can be months before a body is discovered. Fort Worth Unattended Death Cleanup can be at your location within the hour to start the remediation process.

Services we provide;

  • Crime and trauma scene cleaning
  • Industrial accident cleanup
  • Suicide cleanup
  • Human and animal decomposition odor removal
  • Hoarded property cleanup
  • Homicide cleanup
  • Unattended death cleanup
  • Natural death cleanup
  • Fatality cleanup
  • Drug lab remediation


Fort Worth Unattended Death Cleanup Services

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