Crime Scene Cleanup | Unattended Death Cleanup In Shreveport, Louisiana

Crime Scene Cleanup | Unattended Death Cleanup In Shreveport, Louisiana

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Crime Scene Cleanup In Shreveport

Crime scene cleanup is an industry off to its own. with that said, cleaning up crime and trauma scenes is a very nasty business. When you’re on your knees wiping up blood and other contagious bodily fluids, one can’t forget how difficult this job can be. Unattended Death Cleanup has been cleaning unattended and natural death scenes since 2003. Our cleaning crews are always prepared for the worse and will always be courteous and compassionate to your needs.

Blood and other bodily fluids

When removing blood from a scene, sometimes you have to cut out flooring as the blood has seeped into the floors creating a terrible smell. Our team is experienced in dealing with human decomposition odor and can remove the smell right away. When human decomposition sits in, the body begins to swell and it creates gasses and other unpleasant odors throughout the property. Maggots are always present when finding a body that hasn’t been discovered for several days. If someone has died in your home or business and hasn’t been discovered for a while, you will need a professional remediation company as soon as possible. There will be traces of blood, hair, flesh, and other bodily fluids present. This waste will need proper disposal at a medical waste facility instead of being tossed in a local dumpster where children or homeless people might become infected with a serious disease. Once the deceased has been removed, it’s time for the cleaning crew to begin the cleaning process. They will show up in unmarked vehicles and wear biohazard suits and respirators to keep from catching diseases like AIDS and HEP-C.

We service Shreveport and all of Louisiana for crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, suicide cleanup, and accident cleanup. Our response team is always on time and will clean and sanitize the scene as soon as possible. We accept homeowners and business insurance. We are available 24/7 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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