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Unattended Death/Decomposition Cleanup In Cincinnati

Unfortunately, death does not always happen to individuals who are active and would be immediately missed by family and friends. Unattended deaths, some of the time, will happen to an older individual who is retired and lives alone. In these cases, unexpected deaths can go unnoticed for long periods of time before the body is discovered.

Once a person passes on, the body will start to decompose within hours of the death and unfortunately, the smell of human decomposition is the first sign of an unattended death. Cincinnati Unattended Death Cleanup is a full-service crime and trauma scene remediation company that services Cincinnati and the surrounding cities. The only way to remove human decomposition odor is by removing every trace of blood and other bodily fluids that were left behind after the body has been removed. This includes disposing of any furniture soiled with body fluids, removing sheetrock, wood floors, tile, carpet, bedding, floorboards, etc. Once all the biohazardous materials are removed from the home or business, we begin the odor removal treatment right away. Ozone is very precise and is not as simple as spraying some nice smelling deodorizer in the room. Although it may cover up the odor for a little while, it is in no way a permanent odor removal solution and the decomposition odor will remain in the home.

Cincinnati Unattended Death Cleanup is always available for cleaning up after homicides, suicides, crime scenes, unattended deaths, rat infestations, hoarded properties, and dead animals. Our company service trucks are unmarked for the privacy of our clients. We accept Homeowners and commercial insurance for all of our clients in need of emergency service. Feel free to call our friendly dispatchers for any questions you may have about pricing, time, and how everything works when we show up. We will make everything go as smooth as possible. Our cleaning specialists are honest, compassionate, and experienced in dealing with families after a tragedy.

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