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When many people die, they often do so in the presence of others. However, in situations where people may live alone or be in other circumstances, their death may go unnoticed for a period of time and are defined as an unattended death. When this occurs, those who discover the body are at a loss for what steps should follow. Even after the scene has been investigated and the body has been removed, there is still the matter of having the scene properly cleaned. Depending on the circumstances surrounding undiscovered deaths, this can be a complex matter, which is why the services of Centennial Unattended Death Cleanup is needed.

Trained and Certified Technicians

In many unattended death situations, an individual may not be discovered for days or even weeks. Naturally, by then the body will have significantly decomposed, which can lead to bacteria, bodily fluids, and pathogens spreading throughout the area. If this happens, the air can become very dangerous to breathe, extremely foul odors can become embedded in furniture, and disease can become a concern. Due to the severity of these situations, Centennial Unattended Death Cleanup will send only cleaning technicians who are trained and certified in OSHA and EPA guidelines and will ensure the air quality is safe once the cleanup is completed.

Variety of Clients

Since an unattended death can occur in many environments, we work with a variety of clients. Whether it is a private residence where family members discover a loved one who has passed away, a landlord who discovers a dead tenant, or even a hotel where a customer has died unexpectedly, we can handle any situation with which we are faced. And in most cases, we can work with a client’s insurance company to ensure there are little out-of-pocket costs for our services.

Discreet Cleanup

When these types of deaths occur, it is important to families, businesses, or others to have the incident handled in as discreet a way as possible. To make sure this happens, our technicians at Centennial Unattended Death Cleanup will arrive at the scene in unmarked vehicles that are fully equipped with the necessary cleaning supplies and other tools needed to complete the job. In addition, we will never give out details to the media or other curious onlookers and will maintain the highest levels of professionalism at all times.

Day and Night AvailabilitySince undiscovered deaths can happen anytime, we provide 24/7 availability, including holidays and weekends. Rather than have the added stress and burden of waiting days to have a home or business cleaned, we can make sure our clients can gain peace of mind as soon as possible. If you are in need of our services, contact us day or night. Centennial Unattended Death Cleanup 866-376-4872