Blood Soaked Carpet Removal

Blood Soaked Carpet Removal

Oct 24, 2019 Uncategorized by admin

Floors that have been covered by the carpet can require additional work for crime scene cleaners because blood is extremely difficult to remove. Because of its plastic-like substance, blood will soak into the carpet and even steam and carpet cleaning solutions will not work. While fresh blood is considered biohazardous it also has greater penetrating power. So in most cases, the wood flooring covered by a carpet the odds for cutting out the damaged floor a greater for most homes. At least when there’s no carpet on the wood floor the fluid materials for drying.

When blood and other potentially infectious bodily fluids saturate the carpet they will soak through to the pad and then continue to the sub-floor of the home. When an unattended death has occurred, it can be difficult to remove blood from wood flooring so the best solution would be to remove the wood and dispose of it. Human decomposition odor will be strong at this time. You will probably see maggots and flies in the home because of the decay. The carpet pad is similar to a sponge and collects most of the blood and bodily fluids. This fluid will remain wet or moist until it is pulled and disposed of. As such it remains biohazardous and carries the odor of blood in human decomposition more strongly than any other materials found in the area, in most cases. In fact, depending on the length of time between the undiscovered death in an unattended death cleanup, carpet throughout an entire home may become permeated by the smell of human decomposition. That’s why it’s better to have an unattended death cleanup as soon as possible. There are the reasons of course, but odors should become a huge consideration in all unattended deaths. Unattended Death Cleanup is a crime and trauma scene remediation company that has offices all across the US. Feel free to contact us anytime at (866) 376-4872


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