Blood Cleanup Raleigh, NC | Unattended Death Cleanup

Blood Cleanup Raleigh, NC | Unattended Death Cleanup

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Blood Cleanup Raleigh, NC

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Immediately after a suicide, unattended death, crime scene, or medical accident, most likely blood will be present. Most of the time, when a body is found, blood and bodily fluids will spread and will be absorbed by Porous materials, such as; carpet, wood floors, concrete, ceramic tile, brick, and sheetrock. By quickly contacting Raleigh Unattended Death Cleanup, we are able to help prevent all contamination and less items to be removed from the property. Raleigh Unattended Death Cleanup will decontaminate your property of bio-hazards quickly and discreetly.

Blood can travel pretty far. A free inspection is what we offer for all death and accident cleaning in Raleigh, NC. We can detect blood that you cannot see. Blood often will travel to cracks and seams and if not removed thoroughly, the area will attract flies and maggots and will begin to smell like human decomposition soon. This is where our professionals can help. Any type of blood cleanup involves a comprehensive and detailed procedure to find, disinfect and completely remove all traces blood and bodily fluids that were left behind when the body transporter leaves the home or business. This includes but is not limited to; blood, needles, tissue, skull fragments, contaminated clothing and personal items, razor blades and other items that may pose a risk of injury or death.

Raleigh Unattended Death Cleanup technicians have received extensive training in unattended death scene cleanup, blood cleanup, trauma scene cleanup, and medical accident cleanup and the use of various cleaning chemicals, all of which are OSHA approved and completely safe for your home or business in Raleigh. We utilize specialized equipment that will detect and remove all bio-hazardous materials and restore the property as soon as possible so you can resume business or occupy your home right away.

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Unattended Death Cleanup

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