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There is a horrible rotten odor emanating from the home. There is an obvious stain that has soaked into the floor where the body has been discovered. The furniture, clothes, the newspapers and curtains are covered with maggots and flies.

Still, if the individual has died in the middle of summer in Baton Rouge and rotted for months in the humid Louisiana heat, instead of the cool winter approaching, it could have been much worse for the family of the deceased.

“I’d say we see around 40% of our calls are where people lie dead in their apartments for long periods before being discovered by a family member, friend, or property management in Baton Rouge, LA.

Every Parish has cases where some elderly people will die alone, but none experiences it quite like other Cities fastest-ageing population. More than a quarter of the population in Baton Rouge is over 65, a figure set to rise to 20 per cent by 2035.

Don’t panic if you come across an unattended death and don’t know what to do. Unattended Death Cleanup Of Baton Rouge is here for you and your family. Whether it’s a home, business, industrial warehouse, storage building, or automobile, Unattended Death Cleanup Of Baton Rouge is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our company trucks are unmarked for the privacy of our clients that are in need for emergency cleaning services in Baton Rouge.

Our professional cleaning team at Unattended Death Cleanup Of Baton Rouge is well educated and trained on cleaning, disinfecting, and disposing of biohazard materials. In addition to understanding the safety measures, we offer all of our cleaning and odor removal services and can clean the entire home.

Let our trained biohazard remediation specialists help you in this time of need. Not only will our cleaning technicians work quickly and effectively, they will also do it discretely and compassionately.