Human Decomposition Cleaning

Human Decomposition Cleaning

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Deceased Cleanup

When a person dies unattended, the death may go unnoticed for quite some time. Whether a few days or possibly many months, the process of human decomposition can create a variety of problems in the area where the body is located. Along with blood and other bodily fluids leaking out of the body and finding their way into furniture, flooring, and other nearby areas and items, there will also be dangerous bacteria released that can quickly multiply and turn the area quite hazardous. Finally, the odor associated with an unattended death is without a doubt overwhelming and cannot be removed by simply using regular household cleaners. As a result, professional death scene cleaners are needed to deal with these situations.

Trained and Experienced
By using a professional unattended death cleanup service, there will be highly-skilled and well-trained individuals at the scene within a matter of hours. Due to the hazardous nature of the area, hazmat suits are often used to perform cleanup concerning human decomposition. Due to various OSHA and EPA regulations that must be followed when cleaning up such a scene, it is vital only professionals be used in these matters.

24/7 Availability
When a human body that is badly decomposed is discovered, it is imperative it be removed and the area cleaned and sanitized as quickly as possible. Since these incidents can happen day or night, cleaning services specializing in unattended deaths offer 24/7 availability. By doing so, they can often help family members who make these grisly discoveries and provide them with a much-needed service.

Integrity and Discretion
When dealing with cleanups of unattended deaths, families, and others often rely on cleanup services that use the utmost integrity and discretion in these situations. To accomplish this, they often arrive at the scene in unmarked vehicles and make sure not to reveal details of the scene to those nearby who may be curious as to what is taking place. By doing so, families and friends of the deceased can be given peace of mind while the unpleasant task of cleanup and removal of the body occurs.

Possibility of Diseases
If a scene where human decomposition took place is not properly cleaned and sanitized, there is the possibility those occupying the space afterward could fall victim to various diseases, including hepatitis and HIV. Since large amounts of blood will have been spilled into the area, various pathogens can take hold of furniture and walls. If not properly cleaned, a breeding ground for bacteria is created, leading to a serious health threat.

When dealing with unattended deaths, never assume you can handle the task yourself. Instead, always turn to professionals trained in cleaning techniques for these specific situations.

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